Our Program:
Kids Nature Adventures is all about bringing children and nature together.  Every day is spent entirely outside enjoying loosely-structured explorations and play in the spectacular open spaces of the Bay Area.  The children's own interests, discoveries and observations guide our daily explorations, rather than any predetermined activity outlines, providing unlimited opportunities for fun, adventure and learning.  Whether the kids are making up games, catching butterflies or building a fort in the woods, playing freely allows them to make up their own rules, dream up their own stories and experiments, and come to their own conclusions - all at their own pace. We do follow general themes each day and have activities planned, but each day's activities remain flexible to allow for the ever-changing delights and surprises of nature.  Our role is to gently facilitate the process, to ensure safety, and to provide guidance and information as needed.

Where We Go:
We explore the amazing natural open spaces north and south of the Golden Gate.  They include beaches, tide pools, wetlands, forests, lakes, creeks and meadows.  There are so many amazing places to visit in the Bay Area that the hardest thing to do each day is decide which one to explore.  

"What a great experience!  My son can't stop talking about his week with you."
                                       Michael Bradley - Parent

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